Sun Dried Goji Berry – How To Get It

Dried Goji berriesYou can use goji berries in any form. Some of you love to eat the berry in fresh form while some love taking it after drying it in the sun. Dried one is considered better for health, as it offers more benefits. You can dry it at your home if you are fond of having dried berries. Here are three steps for your support:

It is an easy task to dry this super fruit. Take a baking sheet, which has half-inch edges all the sides. You also need a cooling rack used by bakers so that it can fit on the baking sheet. Also, arrange a cheese cloth to cover the cooling rack in the proper way. Besides these, you need zip top storage bags and oven for drying berries.

The process to get dried goji berries starts with rinsing and drying. You need to discard all the berries that are unripe and the one, which has become quite moldy. Do it carefully, as these berries are not fit for drying process. Place all the berries in the cooling rack on top of baking pan after cleaning them properly. The process for drying berries starts here. Now, you have to cover the rack with the help of a cheese cloth after placing the berries on the baking pan.

Ensure that you have made the berries scattered on the cheese cloth. There should be good space between each berry so that all of the berries get dried and do not stick to one another. It helps the berries get dried well. Now, it is needed to place this baking rack along with berries just inside the oven. Keep the oven door open and turn it on to a low setting. You can have to wait for around 12 hours to get sun dried goji berry. Actually, the drying process depends on the temperature and the quantity of berries. It can come to an end soon if the temperature is high.


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